About Us

Lone Star Specialty Meats is an El Paso Texas based business specializing in the wholesale of USDA quality beef, chicken, pork and seafood. We have been in operation for over 23 years and pride ourself upon the customer service and quality products that we provide our patrons. Lone Star Specialty Meats stands by its guarantee to provide our customers and potential patrons high quality meats with our guarantee policy.

With Lone Star Specialty Meats, we provide the best in home delivery options to provide our product to your doorstep in the freshest of conditions. No more waiting in line at the supermarket. Additionally, Lone Star Specialty Meats products are leaner and a higher quality of cuts than you would find in any meat or supermarket. Become a loyal Lone Star customer today and enjoy our products tomorrow!

The Lone Star Specialty Meats Advantage

Lone Star Specialty Meats offers a variety of already prepared gourmet specialty items, such as Rib Eye Steaks, Italian Style Chicken, Flounder Stuffed with Crab and Shrimp and Stuffed Pork Chops beef, chicken, seafood and pork. Restaurant style entrees, convenient and easy to prepare in your own home. Our restaurant style products are affordable and conveniently delivered to your home or business.

Portion Control

All of our products are portion controlled, which means that the extra weight of fat and bone has been eliminated and the products have been trimmed into individual portions; which makes preparation quick and convenient. With portion control, you pay for what you eat, not for the waste.

Cry-O-Vac Packaging

Lone Star Specialty Meats takes pride in presenting it's products in state of the art Cry-O-Vac packaging. Cry-O-Vac combines the best of both worlds; the long storage life of frozen and the quality of fresh. The clear, leak proof film is sealed skin-tight to the surface of the product and under proper storage conditions - it will keep the product free from freezer burn and dehydration.

Free Home Delivery

The Lone Star Specialty Meats program is designed for your convenience. All of our products are delivered to your home or office free of charge a minimum purchase is required. This applies only to a 150 mile radius, encompassing all of El Paso Texas and some of the neighboring New Mexico and Texas cities and towns.