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New York Strip Steaks

Enjoy these four 10 oz., restaurant trimmed, guaranteed fresh, NY Strip Steaks today!
Price: $79.00

Steak Filets

Invite your friends and family and enjoy these eight 5 oz. mouthwatering Steak Filets!
Price: $79.00

Steak Patties

Start the BBQ! These dozen 1/2 pound mouth watering burgers will bring your party to life!
Price: $64.00

Ranch Style T-Bones

Just like a millionaire, you to can dine on two luxuriuos 25 oz. mouthwatering Poterhouse T-Bones.
Price: $69.00

Angus Sirloin Strip Steaks

No dining experience is complete without eight servings of our 8 oz. Angus Sirloin Strips.
Price: $79.00

Bone In Aged Rib Eye

Feast like a King with four servings of our 10 oz. Bone In Rib Eye.
Price: $69.00

Beef Case Special $439.00

1 BX NY Strips
1 BX Steak Filets
1 BX Steak Patties
1 BX Ranch Style T-Bones
1 BX Angus Sirloin Strips
1 BX Bone In Aged Rib Eye
* All cases are subject to change depending on availability.
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