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Stuffed Flounder

Don't have the money to eat a seafood restaurant chain? Then enjoy our 6 Crab Stuffed Flounders in your own home!
Price: $79.00

Large Breaded Shrimp

Feast upon 40 of our large Breaded Shrimp and feel as if you are in a restaurant!
Price: $69.00

Tilapia Filet

Nothing says healthy seafood like our Tilapia Filets. Enjoy 8 perfect size portions today!
Price: $64.00

Large Scallops

Dine as if you were under the sea with 25 of our large Scallops.
Price: $69.00

Large P&D Cooked Shrimp

Have Shrimp Cocktail or maybe Shrimp Linguini with our 80 Count Shrimp Festival. Sure to fill up a plate and tummies!
Price: $59.00

Seafood Case Special $339.00

2 BX P&D Shrimp
1 BX Tilapia Filets
1 BX Breaded Shrimp
1 BX Stuffed Flounder
1 BX Scallops
* All cases are subject to change depending on availability.
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